Dear members,

We received the following research invitation from Richelle Acreman, researcher at the University of the Fraser Valley, Canada.

Richelle would be grateful to anyone interested in contributing to this research.

CIVIQ Administration

Dear CIVIQ High IQ Society member and/or administrator,

My name is Richelle Acreman and I am completing an honours Psychology thesis at the University of the Fraser Valley under the supervision of Dr. Wayne Podrouzek. I am writing your organization because my area of research pertains to the relationship between intelligence and creativity and my specific interest is how that relationship differs in highly intelligent individuals relative to the general population. As you likely know, there has been a lively academic debate as to whether creativity is a separate construct from intelligence or if these two constructs overlap. One of the more substantial theoretical positions proposes that intelligence is a necessary but not sufficient condition for creativity – where there exists a moderate correlation between the two constructs until some threshold IQ. Despite this area having been researched for several decades, very few studies have controlled for both aspects of creativity (creative potential and creative achievement) while testing for their relationship with intelligence in adults with high IQ scores. Given the dearth of data on this subject, the aforementioned threshold IQ varies between studies and no definitive answer has been reached as to how these two constructs are related across the range of IQ scores. I believe that this research is invaluable to both creativity and intelligence researchers, but also to defining how diverse, dynamic, and distinct intelligence truly is.

To appropriately address this question, I need to recruit a substantial number of highly intelligent individuals (such as yourselves) to participate anonymously in my online research study. For this reason, I am emailing to ask if the CIVIQ High IQ Society, and/or its individual members, would have any interest in participating in this study. Again, the online study would be completely anonymous; the members would not be asked to provide any identifying information about themselves nor their membership with your society. All ethical considerations (such as confidentiality, privacy, safety, and freedom to withdraw at any point within the study) will be strictly upheld.

If individuals chose to participate, they would be asked to complete a short series of creativity tests, a Big-Five personality test, and a small number of questions pertaining to basic demographic information. To compensate your members for their time, all participants would be given the opportunity to enter a draw for a $100 Amazon gift card. This message is intended only as a preliminary correspondence to ask if the CIVIQ High IQ Society, and/or its members, have any interest in participating in a study like this. If some members did express interest, a further description of the study and any subsequent information would be forwarded to your society to distribute through the appropriate channels.

If you could please consider reviewing this request and, if deemed appropriate, asking your members if they would be interested in participating in this study, it would be greatly appreciated. If your society has any additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact me, or my supervisor, using the contact information provided below. Thank you for taking the time to read this request and I look forward to hearing from your organization.


Richelle Acreman
Student researcher
[email protected]

Dr. Wayne Podrouzek
Psychology Department Head
(604)-504-7441 Ext: 4206
[email protected]