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As you are possibly well aware, the Society is affiliated with an international organization of High IQ Societies, the World Intelligence Network (WIN). This cooperation reflects to you several communication benefits. You can take advantage of the following available options to connect with WIN, the Society and our members.


1-6. Connect with Society and WIN

There are several options for you to connect directly to the WIN network and Society features


7-16. Connect via WIN

There are several options for you to connect using the WIN network features


7. myWIN account registration

You can request from us to setup for you an account in myWIN, which is the main discussion and interaction hotspot of all WIN members. Following our initial account installation, members can have their own profiles and get connected with any other of the registered WIN and society members. Direct communication tools such as profile connections, chat, updates on the WIN and society news, and discussions on a variety of topics are available.

myWIN link is:


8. WIN and Society boards registration

WIN boards is the main discussion multi-forum for all WIN members. A dedicated forum for each society hosts discussions among only the society members. Additionally, WIN boards offer private forums accessible by all WIN members to host communication among all members.

a. You can start with the registration of an account in the WIN boards
b. You need to email and inform us of your nickname.

Upon confirmation of your society membership, we will grant proper access to your account into your Society forums of the WIN boards.

WIN boards link is:

As soon as your WIN boards account is activated, you can post on either your Society forums and/or the WIN Private boards. The later are accessible by all the WIN members, so your audience counts thousands.


9. WIN Chat

A weekly chat for the Society members and all the WIN members is hosted on the WIN server. All you need to access the chat server is an activated WIN boards account. The current schedule is a chat among members every Saturday 17:00 GMT +0. The link is:

WIN Chat link is:


10. WIN ONE submissions

The members of the Society and all the WIN members can submit their articles, scientific research or artwork to the WIN ONE Magazine. You may overview all the so far released WIN ONE issues visiting the following page:

WIN ONE link is:


11. Share your profile with WIN People

Hosted on the main WIN server, any member of any WIN affiliated society may request to have his/her personal profile published on the main WIN People list. You can email the WIN administration at [email protected] and request your profile to be published.

WIN People page:


12. Special Interest Societies

WIN hosts specialized more than 10 communities dedicated to specific interests. You may visit and register for any or all of them directly on the following websites:

Special Interest Societies list (10 available)

ArtistIQ Society

AstrologIQ Society

GeopolitIQ Society

HeuristIQ Society

IdeogramIQ Society

IronIQ Society

LinguistIQ Society

MathematIQ Society

PoetIQ Society

PsychIQ Society


13. National Intelligence Networks

Facilitating communication for different cultural, social and language contexts, WIN hosts 16 individual national networks. You may visit and register for as much as you like and… understand

National Intelligence Networks list (16 available)

Arabian Intelligence Network

Chilean Intelligence Network

Chinese Intelligence Network

Cypriot Intelligence Network

Finnish Intelligence Network

French Intelligence Network

German Intelligence Network

Greek Intelligence Network

Italian Intelligence Network

Japanese Intelligence Network

Norwegian Intelligence Network

Portuguese – Brazilian Intelligence Network

Serbian Intelligence Network

Spanish Intelligence Network

Swedish Intelligence Network

Turkish Intelligence Network


14. Test online your abilities

You can take advantage of our free online tests, hosted on the main WIN website and get an idea of your current IQ, EQ, concentration, reasoning and planning skills, memory and color recognition.

The links are:

IQ tests (12 online tests available)

EQ test

Concentration test

Planning test

Reasoning test

Memory test

Color recognition test


15. Play online chess

We do like chess. If you feel the same, you may play free online chess directly on the WIN pages. We installed various chess platforms on our server ready and waiting for you.

WIN Chess


16. Online Games: Use your brains and have some fun

There are 100 online games installed on the WIN server available at any time to amuse you and challenge your perception and concentration abilities. It’s our gift to you. Take it!

WIN Games (100 games available)


17-25. Social Media

The society and WIN have enabled dedicated social media pages and groups for the communication and connection needs of the members.


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About CIVIQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

Founded: 01/01/2001

Cut-off: IQ 148, sd 16

SDs above mean: 3

Percentile: 99,865th

Rarity: 1 in 750

Current Members: 395

Subscribers: 4

Coverage: 296,250

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