We just received a call for contributions for a new show for Discovery Science.

Thanks for taking a moment to read this email–hope you’re having a lovely day so far!

My name is Heather, and I work at Screaming Flea Productions here in Seattle (you may be familiar with the show Hoarders which we produce). We are in the research phase of developing a new show for Discovery Science.

This new show looks into the lives of the brilliantly creative/high-intellect of society that struggle with a mental disorder or challenge of some kind, impeding their ability to succeed in their specific field of interest. We are currently seeking out voices around the country from doctors, experts, and individuals who would be willing to speak out about this aspect of society.

If you’re interested in supporting us or providing info of any kind that would be wonderful. I’ll also attach a flier for the show to give you a bit more information.

Thanks for your time, and we hope to hear back from you soon.


Heather Logue

Screaming Flea Productions

206-763-3383 ex. 218

Discovery show flier (30.5 KBs)