Dear CIVIQ members,

We have a new CIVIQ member, Dr Manahel Thabet, PhD, from Dubai, UAE.

Dr Manahel is an Economist in Essence and a Scientist driven by deep passion. She is the President of SmartTips Consultants, a Dubai base consultancy firm.

Dr Thabet is the youngest in the world and only Arab with a degree of PhD in Financial Engineering with magna cum laude “honor”.

Manahel also has a passion in quantum mathematics where she wrote researches in measuring distances in the universe using complex numbers and quantum theories. She has a second PhD in Quantum mathematics.

She is the good will Ambassador for Eco International of Prince Albert II De Monaco Foundation and lately she was selected from the World Genius Directory representing ASIA for 2013.

Dr. Manahel Thabet was ranked among the most influencial 100 Arab Woman by the CEO Magazine and among the most powerful 500 Arabs in the world by Arabian Business.

She is also an active member of MENSA, QIQ, GRIQ, CIVIQ and HELLIQ High IQ Societies. She is the Vice President of the World Intelligence Network WIN, President of IQuestion and a member of International Association of Financial Engineers.

Manahel, welcome to the CIVIQ Society!

CIVIQ Administration Office