Dear CIVIQ members,

We have a new CIVIQ member, Alican Yavuz, 15 years old from Ankara, Turkey!

Alican is studying in Tevfik Fikret High School. His interests are Psychology, Psychometrics, Pyschometry, Philosophy ,Tesseracts, Chaos Theory, Neuroplasticity, Physics, Astronomy ,Mathematics, Puzzles, Rubics Cubes and Psychomathematics.

He’s Founder & President of the Chaos Society and he’s member of World Genius Directory, Global Genius Generation Group, Honorary Member of The High Intellect Society, International High IQ Society, ISI-Society, Ethereal Society, IQuestion High IQ Society , Noetiqus Society, Ethereal Society.

Alican, welcome to the CIVIQ Society!

CIVIQ Administration Desk