We have a dream. To help people live their dreams. Many need a chance or just a hand, your hand.

CIVIQ Society in collaboration with the World Intelligence Network (WIN) raised a crowdfunding campaign, Hand to Head, to support its transitional evolution into an online, expert reference focused on three core concepts: Assessment, Education and Profession.


The crowdfunding campaign link is:



With your support, we plan to develop and launch an expert community focused on abilities detection and evaluation, educational opportunities advancement, career planning and professional development.

Our project primarily interests children, teenagers, students, unemployed individuals and unsatisfied professionals.

For the last 15 years, WIN was an established sponsor of high intelligence societies with
48 High IQ Societies affiliations
16 National Intelligence Networks
10 Special Interest Societies.


We are nothing more than our people involved, more than 57,000 registered members in our web and 9,000 registered users in the discussion boards.

From now on, WIN turns a new page and targets on personal and professional development, what really matters for most of us. Let us all give a hand to our head and to our future.

Even if you decide not to fund our evolution, you may contribute to our project spreading the word to any interested individual in your social circles. At this stage, any help is much appreciated.

We are looking forward to hearing from you. Your feedback would be much appreciated.

Best Regards

WIN Information Office