CIVIQ Society has a new member, Petr Štěpán.

Petr studies include Civil Engineering / Project Management, MBA in The Netherlands. His mainstream business activity is Construction Management, Design, Business Development, Feramat Cybernetics, European Space Agency ESA, Mensa and ČVUT. His other activities include refurbishment of offices and retail and investment broker by Czech National Bank.

In 2004-2011 he was a member of Prague Business Club (club of managers in the Czech Republic). From 2007 he is the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the Foundation Impuls (medically oriented projects). From 2015 he is a member of Sisyfos and from January 2016, he is a member of the Board of the Alumni Association in Czech Technical University in Prague. From March 2017 he is a mentor in European Space Agency ESA.

From 2011 he is a Mensa member, member of the board in Mensa grammar school and from 2015 he is the head-coordinator in Mensa SIG Business Club and the coordinator between Mensa and OCAS (Oxford and Cambridge Alumni society). From January 2018 he is a member of Intertel.

Petr, welcome to the CIVIQ Society!

CIVIQ Administration