CIVIQ Society has a new member, Harry Kanigel from New Jersey, US.

Harry lived through the 60’s and is mainly scornful of that period because of the nihilistic values that were imbued into an entire generation. He is a father of four people who are successful adults and he is married to their mother, with whom he lives in New Jersey, the great state in the U.S. that Einstein and Gödel spent their last years.

He attended Franconia College, for three semesters, before embarking on solitary self-education while working at odd jobs in San Francisco, through the 70’s and beyond. Continued the life of an autodidact through the decades to present day, despite major shifts in other priorities.

He became a father in 1982, which had the effect of shifting his focus to the down-to-earth requirements of earning a proper living and providing for a family. He trained as computer programmer at a vocational school. It would be apt here to insert a short snippet used in his bio for his role as technical advisor, when serving, in 2014, on the advisory board of MetalLynx, automated commodities trading platform:

Harry Kanigel is a software engineer who held executive roles in Fortune 500 and Global top 50 financial firms and led award winning development teams for two decades, before turning his attention to writing, researching and consulting. Kanigel served as Executive Director of Information Technology at UBS Investment Bank where he headed a technology project that permitted UBS to become the largest equities trader in the world. Prior to this, Kanigel was Vice President at Charles Schwab & Co in their Capital Markets subsidiary. At Schwab, Kanigel earned a “Best of the Best” leadership award for innovation in trade processing, while his team members earned a similar team award. Kanigel developed a user centric approach to software craft early in his career as the sole presence of a small consulting firm on the job site of then formidable Metalgesellschaft, AG (MG). At MG, he developed financial and trading applications through close and active partnership with traders and domain experts. He has developed scores of applications for a wide range of trading instruments including, physical commodities, fixed income, equities, foreign exchange and assorted derivatives. A lifelong autodidact and logical puzzle enthusiast, Kanigel has published a book review essay about the origin of the genetic code and its similarity to computer algorithms and, for a time, wrote a regular column for Telicom, the journal of the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

Kanigel attended Franconia College (New Hampshire) where he majored in philosophy and founded the chess club. Kanigel completed training in software design at the Cope Institute of Agudath Israel in NYC.

Lately he focuses on what interests him and this entails some of the more basic questions: origin of life, the nature of consciousness, human nature, but also geopolitics and math. The last few books he has read will provide a window into what he currently thinks is important:

Undeniable: How Biology Confirms our Intuition that Life is Designed” by Douglas Axe;
The Mind and the Brain: Neuroplasticity and the Power of Mental Force” by Jeffrey M. Schwartz;
The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World” by Iain McGilchrist

Harry, welcome to the CIVIQ Society!

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