Dear CIVIQ members,

We received the following call for medical feedback and we considered it proper at least to inform you about it.

Evangelos Katsioulis

I have a problem perhaps you could help me with. I have a very rare medical disorder which makes finding a Dr. to treat it extremely difficult. It is so rare that John Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic & the National Institutes of Health (NIH) can’t find anybody to treat this disorder.

Would you please forward this e-mail to members of your organization that are medical doctors licensed to practice in the U.S. to see if they’re interested in my case.

Functional,employed 46 yr old white male with metabolically caused hypoceruloplasminemia, low copper blood level, inborn error of metabolism N.O.S. , numerous vitamin, mineral and amino acid deficiencies.

Will travel continental U.S. for treatment.

Any help is appreciated.

ph# 314-402-7115
[email protected]