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Hello, I am Roy and I live in the small town of Redding, in the state of Connecticut, U.S.A. I was born in Canada to immigrant parents from Finland, and when I was five years old I moved with my family here to the States, where we have lived since then. Besides English, I also speak Finnish rather well, German and Russian to some extent, and I have a good reading knowledge of French.

I love Nature and I enjoy being physically active outdoors. I am also interested in genealogy because it is important for me to know about my Ancestors, who gave me life and made me who I am. I am also interested in history, mythology, archaeology, genetics, astronomy, physics, cosmology, etc., etc., etc….

I am currently unemployed, but my last regular job was as an office clerk at a large orthopaedic clinic; however, I essentially worked myself out of my job by helping my employer to ”go paperless” by scanning their patient charts into their computerized system. Anyway, here I am, and I am happy and honored to be among you all.

I am also a member of Mensa, Intertel, Colloquy, the Triple Nine Society and the International Society for Philosophical Enquiry.

Here is a website that I created about the Finno-Ugrian nations: – please tell me what you all think of it.

Also, I sing with the Alumni of the Yale Russian Chorus (even though I never attended Yale University), which is devoted to preserving the traditional songs of old Russia. Here is a video of one of our concerts: – you can see me at 4:00 in the video. I am the guy wearing a black suit, blue shirt and red necktie. We are singing ”Mnogaya Lyeta” (”Many Years”), which was traditionally sung in old Russia in order to wish someone a long and happy life, for example at weddings. I present this video to you all now as my gift to you, and with my wish for a long and happy life for all of you!

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