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Peter McCann

Name: Peter W. McCann
From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

Profession: Attorney, Professor, Legal Technology Consultant

Interests: Distance Running, Social Psychology, Yoga, Self-Improvement, Historical Accuracy

Values: Fairness, Accountability, Discipline, Integrity, Quiet Confidence, Objectivity, Willingness to Change Ones Mind, Self-Awareness, Levity, Curiosity, Truth

Intelligence Philosophy: Intelligence is not the gift of sight, it is the gift of judgment; it is not about knowing the right answers, it is about eliminating the wrong ones.

Why I am here:

1. I learned only a few weeks ago that my IQ was very high (at 34 years of age). While I am hardly facing some sort of existential crisis, this is a change to my self-identity that I want to learn more about.

2. I have always had issues making decisions when forced with equal or imperfect decisions. I am sure that I have other experiences or flaws that others here may have because of our “gift”. I am here to learn from others here who wish to share experiences dealing with these “negative” effects as well the positive.

I look forward to meeting you!

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CIVIQ High IQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

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