CIVIQ High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 750 of the unselected population



General Information

I was born in Cyprus but live most of my life (30) years in long island N.Y.



Study cognitive psychology at stonybrook state university in stonybrook.



When student at university i work as manager in Greek diners in n.y to pay my college fees.



I also became us citizen and i travel most states in usa driving also.
I like exersice with weights and also play tennis.


High IQ Societies Memberships

I belong to few high iq societys. (VENUS, CATHOLIC, SPIQR, GIFTED high iq network, W.G.D, BRAIN high iq society, PROFUNDUS high iq society, IQ EXAM.NET).


About CIVIQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

Founded: 01/01/2001

Cut-off: IQ 148, sd 16

SDs above mean: 3

Percentile: 99,865th

Rarity: 1 in 750

Current Members: 376

Subscribers: 4

Coverage: 282,000

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