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Born in Rome (New York) on 18 September 1955. He currently lives near Paris, France.

Education: Master of Science in Electrical Engineering (Texas A&M University, 1976) and Ingénieur Télécom Paris Tech (1976).

Louis began his career conducting advanced research in signal processing and multimedia, before evolving towards management and consulting. From 2004 to 2006 he was the Project Manager of the Ground Segment of the ESA Planck mission that recently delivered valuable information about the universe. During his career, he has also been involved with the world of music, notably as a member of the Scientific Committee of the IRCAM and more recently as a consultant for the Paris Opera.

Louis enjoys playing the piano, alone or with other musicians. He sang as a tenor with the Pasdeloup and Colonne orchestras, performing in Salle Pleyel, Bercy, Chartres Cathedral and for the French television. In 2012, he resumed composing music – and has now written a number of pieces for piano, voice, chamber ensembles and orchestra. Several of his recent compositions have been performed in public, including a suite for symphonic orchestra that was performed in Greece in 2013. He also enjoys bird watching, making videos and reading.

Member of Mensa, Chorium, the Infinity International Society, the Grand IQ Society, the ISI-Society and the CIVIQ High IQ Society.

Some links:

A television interview (1992, in French)

A recording of one of his compositions, directed by Dimitris Bouzanis

His web site:

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