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Movie actor
Multiculturalism education tutor

I am Chul-Kyoo Jeong a famous Comedian who entered ‘KBS’ (Korean Broadcasting System) via 19th open recruitment. I mainly satirized joys and agonies of foreign laborers during my act at a Comedy show. I also was casted to a movie, ‘상사부일체 (Sang-sa-boo-il-che)’. My other career involves working as a patron of multiculturalism in Korea to fight against discrimination towards the minor races and recording a song named ‘왜에게 (Wae-ae-ge)’

literal translation is ‘to Japan’, where I talk about Dok-do, an island which Japan is claiming to be its territory despite of clear evidence that it belongs to Korea.


Personal Statement

It is an honor to enter Civ Iq High society ran by Dr. Katsioulis, the man with highest IQ score, after passing Mensa entrance test. I am looking forward to keeping in touch with you and having a lunch sometime when I visit Greece.


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