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aviels latest pic at the dentist


Aviel is a software developer working for CheckPoint. When he was young he wanted to be a magician, then he became a planted aquarium expert, after which he became a nutrition expert and these days he’s into solving difficult puzzles and easy high range IQ tests



He got his BSC in computer engineering from the technion – Israel Institute of Technology.



He loves to spend time with his special lady. It’s a very special relationship, a long- distance one involving virtual worlds and such and surely Aviel will write a fascinating book about it one day. Aviel doesn’t have only one hobby – a new hobby is born every time he has a new passion.

About CIVIQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

Founded: 01/01/2001

Cut-off: IQ 148, sd 16

SDs above mean: 3

Percentile: 99,865th

Rarity: 1 in 750

Current Members: 395

Subscribers: 5

Coverage: 296,250

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