CIVIQ High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 750 of the unselected population ×

Gender: Female
Age: 76 yrs (2002)
Permanent citizen of Maine, near the Canadian border
Interests in satirical science fiction, poetry, angry essays, stories and dabble in philosophic pieces, Boethius. Admires Socrates, Thomas Carlyle, William James and Shakespeare.
Member of the ISPE and CIVIQ



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About CIVIQ Society

CIVIQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

Founded: 01/01/2001

Cut-off: IQ 148, sd 16
SDs > mean: 3
Percentile: 99,865
Rarity: 1 in 750

Current Members: 309
Subscribers: 3
Stat. Repres.: 231,750

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