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CIVIQ High IQ Society is open for only 1 in 750 of the unselected population ×


Founder & President of the WORLD INTELLIGENCE NETWORK (WIN)
Founder & President of the ANADEIXI, Academy of Abilities Assessment (AAAA.GR)
Founder & President of the QIQ High IQ Society
Founder & President of the GRIQ High IQ Society
Founder & President of the CIVIQ High IQ Society
Founder & President of the HELLIQ High IQ Society
Founder & President of the OLYMPIQ High IQ Society
Founder & President of the IQID Child High IQ Society
Founder & President of the GREEK High IQ Society



Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, Writer



MD, Medical Doctor Diploma
MSc in Medical Researching Technology
MA in Philosophy
PhD in Psychopharmacology


General Information

Birth: Ioannina, Greece (1976)
Current residence: Thessaloniki, Greece


Academic Distinctions

3rd best performance in Thessaloniki, in the 1989 National Mathematics Contest in Greece
Best performance among more than 11,000 participants in the 1993 Final National examinations in Physics in Greece (raw: 150/160 ie. 18.75/20)


IQ Distinctions

1st position on the Cerebrals society Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination – Revised International Contest in 2003 (raw: 49/54)
1st position on the Cerebrals society International Contest in 2009 (raw: 93/100)

IQ 205, sd 16 (Rasch equated) on the Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination – Revised in 2003 (rarity: 1/30,938,221,975)
IQ 196, sd 16 on the Qoymans Multiple Choice #3 in 2003 (rarity: 1/1,009,976,678)
IQ 194, sd 16 (Rasch equated) on the Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance – I in 2003 (rarity: 1/471,441,334)
IQ 186, sd 16 (Fluid Intelligence index) on the Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination – Revised in 2003 (rarity: 1/26,057,620)
IQ 185, sd 16 (Fluid Intelligence index) on the Non-Verbal Cognitive Performance Examination – I in 2003 (rarity: 1/18,457,107)
IQ 181, sd 16 on the Cattell Culture Fair III A+B in 2003 (rarity: 1/4,825,216)
IQ 180+, sd 16 on the Bonnardel BLS4-2T in 2003 (rarity: 1/3,483,046)
IQ 180+, sd 16 on the Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale – Revised in 2002 (rarity: 1/3,483,046) (raw: 196/200) (extrapolations suggested by Dr Xavier Jouve)


TV Interviews

1993, MEGA Channel News
1993, ANT1 News
1993, NEW Channel News
1993, MAKEDONIA TV News (I)
1993, MAKEDONIA TV News (II)
2003, ALPHA TV News(I/V with Chatzinikolaou)
2003, ALPHA TV (I/V with Economeas)
2003, ALPHA TV News
2003, MEGA Channel News
2005, MEGA Channel (Omorfos Kosmos)
2007, ET3 (Alithina Senaria)
2009, NET (I/V with Tsapanidou)
2009, ANT1 (I/V with Papadakis)


Newspaper Interviews

1993, Apogevmatini
1993, Kathimerini
1993, Thessaloniki
1993, Makedonia
2003, Eleytherotypia
2003, Espresso
2009, Eleytheros Typos
2010, Eleytheros Typos


Magazine Interviews

2003, DownTown
2003, 7 Meres TV
2004, Mensa Greece Online Journal
2009, ISPE Journal TELICOM, Vol XXII, No 4
2010, Mensa Argentina Journal, Mensapiens No 31

Radio Interviews

2009, Ioannina Municipal Radio Station


Online References

Read more


IQ Societies Honorary Membership

PARS Society
LOGIQ Society
ISI-Society (ISI-S)
EPIQ Society
IQUAL Society
Sigma Society – Deliberative Council
Cerebrals Society – Test Development Council
High IQ for Humanity (HIQH)


IQ Societies Full Membership

QIQ Society
International High-IQ Society (IHIQS)
Alta Capacidad Hispana (ACH)
COGITO Society
Mensa Greece Society
GRIQ Society
UNIQ Society
Mysterium Society
Ingenium Society
IQuestion Society
High Potentials Society (HPS)
Encefálica Society
OmIQami Society
Sigma II Society
Greatest Minds Society (GMS)
Top One Percent Society (TOPS)
Intertel Society
Infinity International Society (IIS)
NeuroCubo Society
Poetic Genius Society (PGS)
Colloquy Society
HispanIQ International Society (HIS)
Cerebrals Society
Elateneo’s Society
Smart People Society (SPS)
Glia Society
CIVIQ Society
International Society for Cognitive Excellence (ISFCE)
International Society for Philosophical Enquiries (ISPE)
IQuadrivium Society
Sigma III Society
One in A THousand Society (OATH)
Triple Nine Society (TNS)
SPIQR Society
Vertex Society
Camp Archimedes Society
HELLIQ Society
ERGO Society
UltraNet Society
Prometheus Society
Colossus Society
EXIMIA Society
Mega Foundation
Mega Society East (MSE)
GIGA Society


IQ Societies Subscription

Pi Society
Sigma V Society






About CIVIQ Society

CIVIQ Society

CIVIQ High IQ Society

Founded: 01/01/2001

Cut-off: IQ 148, sd 16
SDs > mean: 3
Percentile: 99,865
Rarity: 1 in 750

Current Members: 224
Subscriber: 1
Stat. Repres.: 168,000

Affiliated Organizations



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