CIVIQ Society has a new member, Rafael Parrilla Blanco.

Rafael grew up in a poor neighborhood at risk of social exclusion; The environment was negative, he became a rebellious teenager and neglected his studies, although his intelligence allowed him to get good grades, but not excellent. He had to endure a depressing atmosphere and at 18 he left the studies having finished high school and having the key to go to university.

He started working at his father’s small business, an intensive farming company, and thanks to his initiatives at age 21 he has turned it into a company which produces large profits.

This year he will study psychology in college, his great passion; He is very Cartesian, and he only gives importance to thought; He adores philosophy, and above all, psychology, which is to apply philosophy to life in order to be happy.

Rafael, welcome to the CIVIQ Society!

CIVIQ Society Admissions Office